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Youth jains class updates and homework

October:2016 class highlight and homework

posted Oct 17, 2016, 8:53 AM by JSS - Jain Society Of Seattle

Youth Jains class highlights

  • Mantras: Namokar mantra - meaning and humming ;Chattari manglam - meaning and humming 
  • Learning: Temple basics and rituals
  • Character building: Compassion; Loyalty; How jealousy hurts ;Being non judgmental.
  • Each child picked a value they want to portray at the Diwali program. Teacher will work on merging the scripts from the Jain skits book and email will be sent to parents. 


  • Chattari mangalam log. Each child set their own goal of the number of times they will hum the mantra. They are expected to come with a calendar like log showing how many days they achieved their goal
  • If the child has an activity book they can choose 2 pictures to color and will talk about it in next class. 
  • Read through the script for play and meet at least once for practice.

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