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Scolar Information

Vidvan Vikrantbhai Shah                                      

He is devotee Jain scholar. He likes Jain dharma from his childhood and He took his initial learning from Virsagarji Maharj from Solapur.  From Mahraji’s inspiration and his parents help he went to Pandit Tormal Smarak Trust to learn Jainism. He studied Dravyaniyog, Karnaniyog, and Charnaniyog Granthas. They was Senior to "Phuchand Shatri" who just visited Seattle. They are favorite student of Dr Hukumchand Bharil & Dr Ratanchand Bharil.His desire, devotion and interest in understanding Janagam he completed “शात्री” Degree in 5 years. His heart doesn’t stop him there so he completed his “आचार्य” degree after 2 years for passion of perfection. After that only he started Dharmaprabhavna and awareness about Jainagam.  For more information look for Pandit Todarmal Smarak Trust www.ptst.in


          His curiosity about Universe and space in Jainism made him to create outstanding 3D animated show about Trilok and Samvsharan. It is unique and really creative way to show the real world from Jain Granthas. His two creations are

Trilok: Lokakash, Udhavlok,Madhaylok and Adholok.  Real representation of heavens and hells as well as Jambudivp, Panchmeru.  He had knowledge of Tatvarath Strotra, Triloksar, Triloy pannati and he became a computer designer made him to create such outstanding presentation.

Samvsharan Rachana:  The actual representation of Divyadhvani. All sabha and samavsharan visual representation. Each bhumi temples their real designs is created through different Shatra like Kapadhrum Vidhan etc.

Your all questions about how that get created, what is there will resolve after looking this presentation.


    He arrange and manage different विधान on different metro places in India. Some of them are शांति विधान, पंचपरमेष्ठी विधान, रतनत्रय विधान, सिध्दचक्र विधान, कल्पप्रभू विधान, इन्द्रध्वज विधान, श्रुतस्कन्ध विधान, 170 तीर्थकर विधान etc.

                         For society enlighten in पर्युषण (आठम) and अष्टानिका (आठाइ) he used to invite by different Jain society people from different places. For ten days he does प्रवाचन between hundred or sometimes thousands of people. The following are some prominent places

Maharashtra more than 20 places, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc

                He also did प्रवचन in पंचकल्याणक प्रतिष्ठा मोहोंस्तव and also participated in different announcement activities there. Kids are the base pillar for society. Jain dharma will remain in form of their knowledge about Jain dharma.  To educate small kids about Jain dharma and be their life path happily. He skillfully organize बाल संस्कार शिबिर in 35 places in Maharashtra with help of 40 विदवान

Every day he teaches Samaysar and Pravachansar in Solapur. Like this he will do Jain Dharma work in future also.