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Definition of Donation

New Temple Fund

This fund will be used towards the construction, restoration and renovation of temples.

Dev Dravya Fund

Funds which are collected for boli (auction), pooja, mangal divo, aarati, angi and temple of Jeena are called Dev Dravya Fund. This fund could also be used for construction, restoration and renovation of temples.

Gyan Fund (Fund for imparting knowledge)

This fund goes towards teaching, writing, publication and distribution of Jain Agamas and other Shastras, the knowledge of which enables one to obtain Moksha. The money is reserved for the spread of knowledge among Scholars, Sadhus and not among the common/ordinary people.  

Jeev Daya Fund

Jeev daya fund goes towards saving animals from the slaughter house and to provide nutrition, water and healthcare for animals staying in panjara-pole (animal shelter).

Sadharan Fund (General Donation) (Operational cost)

This fund goes towards operation cost and well being of the community. Annual/lifetime membership money also goes towards this sadharan fund.