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Our Monthly Program will be on every 2nd Sunday of the Month, Check Events and Activities page for more details.

Jain Pathashala @ HTCC Temple
Schedule: 2nd Sunday of the Month
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Visit Jain Pathashala page for more recent activities and post.


As you all know, we have a newer and bigger temple coming up at the same site as the current Bothell temple. Jain society has established goals to donate towards the temple fund. We would like to encourage you to donate generously to help us meet the goals. You can contact for more details.

Membership: We will be collecting yearly membership. Please bring cash or check in favor of "Jain Society of Seattle" or pay through Donate Now button.
  • Life Membership $251
  • Yearly Membership $35
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 Pravachan Date Pravachan Topics
 Saturday 26th August
  दशधर्म आत्त्मधर्मा
  10 Dharma makes Soul
 Sunday 27th August

 इन भावों का फल क्या होगा!

  Your doings bring your Fruits

  Monday 28th August
  कर्मा बिचारे कोन ?
   Are Karma responsible for everything?
  Tuesday 29th August
 विधेह क्षेत्र  3D दर्शन and समवशरण रचना
3D visit of Vidhah shretra & Samavsharan. Feels like 4D
 Wednesday 30th August

 सम्यक दर्शन कब होगा?

Does Profession, Work, Home Stops you from getting SamyakDarshan?

 Thursday 31st August

 सर्वज्ञता का प्रुफ आत्मा की सिद्धि 

The Man who knows Infinity

  Friday 1st Sept

 सुख कैसा होगा?  क्रमबद्ध पर्याय

 Where do u find exuberant soul? Anxiety.
  Saturday 2nd Sept
  निम्मित उपादान
Who is responsible for my misery or success?   
  Sunday 3rd Sept

 स्वाध्याय एक परम तप,व्रत

Importance of Swadhay 

  Monday 4th Sept
 क्षमा मानवों कमजोर बनाती है?
Is Shama stops your self defense

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