Jai Jinendra,

JSS invites all jains for Mahavir Nirwana Mohotsava and Diwali Celebration program which will be on November 5th 2017 from 1-7 pm.

We are adding nominal donation amount of $5 per person for members and $7 per person for non-member entry fee which includes Dinner and Snacks.

Please contact Raju Shah @ 206-679-6940, Paresh Shah @425-773-5097 Vandana Jain@425-590-7051 or Reshma Jain @425-614-9084 for buying the tickets. Tickets must be purchased in advance so that proper arrangements can be made.

You can also purchase tickets below. If you are purchasing ticket online, you don't need to get the physical tickets from volunteers. We can verify your purchase at the entry.

Deadline to buy tickets is Nov 1st till evening 7 PM. Please don't buy tickets after Nov 1st, This will help us to make proper arrangements for the food.

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