Ahimsa Walk (AhimsaWalkSeattle.com)

On August 9th, 2015, the Jain Society of Seattle is organizing the first Ahimsa (Compassion) Walk in Redmond, WA. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word which means to not injure any living being through one’s deeds, words and thoughts

Ahimsa Walk Seattle is the first-ever 10K charity fund-raising walk organized by the Jain Society of Seattle, to raise awareness about ahimsa and help raise funds to support organizations that follow the path of ahimsa.By participating in this walk, you are helping spread awareness about ahimsa amongst your colleagues, neighbors, friends and strangers, and raise funds for organizations that support the upliftment and growth of all living beings.

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Our goal is to raise $10,000. All of this (less expenses and administration charges) will go to fund projects that provide rescue and welfare towards animals in Mumbai and building an Animal Hospital in Mumbai. We are partnering with People for Animals India (Chaired by none other than Smt. Maneka Gandhi), an organization that makes a tremendous impact on the lives of people and animals through various project.

Video: Must Watch Video from Maneka Gandhi message and request to us 

We are asking everyone to participate in the fun 10K walk/run and donate or raise at least $100 from your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and strangers and spread awareness of ahimsa. Would you please join with us and help raise money to support these projects?


Thank you so much for being a part of our mission and helping us accomplish something that’s very important to all of us!

Jain Society Of Seattle