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Jain Society Of  Seattle
JSS formed by a handful members coming together back in 2002. To have a consistent fixed location for our activities, we started our regular programs/pathshala at HTCC from April 2003 and we have been using this HTCC facility for the past 14+ years. During 2006-2007, along with rising Jain population, interest in JSS activities picked up and we formed a first board by selection of interested members. New board brought new ideas and JSS able to take online donations, has great social media presence and in general improved communications with members. JSS also sold 2016 Diwali tickets online first time. First time during Paryushan with help from JSS board members and volunteers, we invited scholar from India during paryushan. We also started new website with help from board members. Fast forwarding to today, it is exciting to see that the economic growth in the region has brought equally passionate Jain members to the Seattle area as well. This has resulted in an intense increase in the interest and active involvement of members in the activities of JSS. It’s now time to take JSS to next level with new ideas and recharge energy. Keeping in line with the constitution, JSS is holding a general body meeting as well as an election for the board of directors annually.
HTCC started with the current temple project several years ago and now with the permit in HTCC’s hands, the construction of Jain Garbha Griha is going to move into high gear as part of Temple Phase-1. Please read latest news from website or see ongoing construction in person at new temple. As we all know, construction costs serious money and the construction of this Jain Garbha Griha at HTCC is no different. Please open your hearts and donate generously to HTCC. Let us as Jain community target $200K of funds towards the construction of the garbha griha. All donors above $5K will also be recognized both for Jain Garbha Griha as well as the Donor List on the main temple wall. If you have already donated to HTCC and/or are planning to donate, please let JSS know.

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